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Mikhail Vorontsov

Diary of the 1813 Campaign: 

July 1813


1 July [13 July]. Arrived to Plaue for the training of hussars.

2 July [14 July].  At Plaue. Training of apushkin’s company.

3 July [15 July].  Traveled to Ziesar.

4 July [16 July].  Training of the combined battalions of the 9th and 18th Division. Arrived to Plaue.

5 July [17 July]. At Plaue.

8 July [20 July]. Arrived at Berlin.

9 July [21 July]. In Berlin.

10 July [22 July]. Arrived at Plaue with Mackenzi.

11 July [23 July]. At Plaue.

12 July [24 July]. Traveled to Berlin. Crown Prince [Bernadotte] arrived to Berlin in the evening.

13 July [25 July]. In Berlin. Crown Prince [Bernadotte] dined with Prince Friedrich Wilhelm.[31] Everyone was in the theater and saw Prince Wilhelm’s wife.

14 July [26 July]. In Berlin – dine with the prince.

16 July [28 July]. In Berlin.

17 July [29 July]. Returned to Plaue late in evening.

18 July [30 July]. Traveled to Brandenburg to meet Crown Prince, who arrived in the evening.

19 July [31 July].  Military review for Crown Prince. The Sevsk, Tula, Navaginsk Regiments, battalions of the 9th and 18th Division, the 14th Jagers, Pavlograd Hussar Regiment, Dyachkin’s Don and other artillery were deployed for the parade. It was unbearably hot. After the review, we had a lunch with Crown Prince and returned to Plaue.

20 July [1 August]. At Plaue.

23 July [4 August].  Winzegorode arrived at Brandenburg.




[31] Future King Friedrich Wilhelm IV.

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