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Mikhail Vorontsov

Diary of the 1813 Campaign: 

March 1813


1 March [13 March].  At Frankfurt [on Oder]

2 March [14 March].    At Frankfurt [on Oder]. I dispatched Argamakov with uhlans and hussars to Zelov, the 14th Jagers with 4 guns at Lebus. Barabanshikov’s and Ilovaysky’s regiments are near Kustrin, investing it.

3 March [15 March].  At Frankfurt [on Oder]. Market fairs began and, although it is difficult for merchants to travel in present situation, there are still many goods at the fair.

4 March [16 March].  At Frankfurt [on Oder]. The [French] garrison at Kustrin made a sortie today, capturing a few cattle and horses.

5 March [17 March].  At Frankfurt [on Oder]. Fair is still held and, it is said, it will continue for another three weeks. Yagodin’s regiment[30] arrived here, will rest tomorrow and march to Glogau the day after.

(Tiré du Journal de l’Empire)

L’envoyé Anglais, chargé d’executer auprès d’Ebn Schaud le Prince Wahabis, la destruction du bâtiment d’une tribe des pirates, liée avec ce people, recut la reponse suivante:

Je ne fai la guerre qu’aux musulmans, parce qu’ils refusent d’obeir a leur proper loi et aux paroles du prophete. Pour Vous autres j’ai ordonné à une sujet de ne Vous attaquer ni par mer ni par terre. Au reste ne vous marquer aussi que l’avais brulé quelques bateaux; c’est une perte si mince que je ne doi l’ici apercevoir. La guerre nous dit une pacte est accordé et bienfou qui s’y livre.

6 March [18 March].  At Frankfurt [on Oder].

7 March [19 March].  At Frankfurt [on Oder]. Two deserters arrived from the fortress.

16 March [28 March].  At Frankfurt [on Oder]. Under [the Prussian] King’s order, sermons were held today on declaration of war.

17 March [29 March].  At Frankfurt [on Oder]. [British envoy to St. Petersburg] Lord Walpol passed by, on the way to London through Hamburg.

18 March [30 March].  At Frankfurt [on Oder]. [Prussian] King passed by on the way to Kalisch. He arrived here at around 11.00 a.m.. Eight guns were deplotyed at the entrance and the infantry was deployed in single line from the city gates to the quarters. During the greeting artillery fire, one of the gunners lost his both hands and died soon after. [Sir Robert] Wilson arrived in the morning and spent night before proceeding to Kustrin. Wittgenstein will march on Berlin today. Baron Jacobi, Prussian envoy to London, passed the town on his way to London through Stockholm.

19-28 March [31 March – 9 April].  At Frankfurt [on Oder]



[30] Colonel Yagodin led the Ataman Cossack Regiment.

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