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Mikhail Vorontsov

Diary of the 1813 Campaign: 

November 1813


1 November [13 November]. At Luneburg. I traveled to Bardovik to see Lowernstern. A detachment of 100 Cossacks and 30 hussars raided Hamburg. The French attacked at Winsen [?] but left it one hour later and Cossacks occupied it again. Jacobson delivered 1,800 arshins of cloth that was requisitioned at Ultzen.

2 November [14 November]. At Luneburg. The Tver Regiment arrived and was camped near the town. I received news from Wegesak,[36] who commands in absences of Wallmoden,[37] that Davout retreated into Hamburg. I sent a courier to the Crown Prince. Similar news came from Hamburg. The enemy (some 400 men with a cannon) marched from Hohenschantz to Winsen; they drove back the Cossacks but then turned back during the night.

3 November [15 November]. Early in the morning I traveled to Winsen and ordered Lowernstern to occupy this place with a battalion of the 9th Division, a dragoon squadron, 2 guns and regiment of Popov 13th. Half an hour after my visit, the French , some 100 men, approached Winsen, opened fire at the town gates and turned back. I received an order from the Prince [Bernadotte] to leave Winsen as soon as [Johann August] Sandels[38] reached Luneburg with his division. I dispatched Zakharov to Tolstoy[39] and Bennigsen, and Grebenshikov to Wegesak. Panteleyev arrived with his regiment.

4 November [16 November]. At Luneburg. Lowernstern was attacked by [the French] with 600 men and two guns around 2:00 p.m at Winsen but repulsed them, inflicting heavy casualties. Lieutenant Sonin was killed, while Lowernstern’s brother [Vladimir] and [… .], and 10 Cossacks were wounded.

Yamsk Regiment marched to Hitereld. Count Wallmoden passed this place on the way home. I received order from the Prince [Bernadotte] that if Davout stopped between Stegnitz and Hamburg, I should attack him together with Wallmoden.

5 November [17 November].  At Luneburg. I received a message from Wallmoden that the enemy abandoned Ratzeburg, but still defended Stegnitz. Panteleyev’s regiment marched to Artlenburg and was ordered to defend the line along the Elbe between Honsdorf and Winsen.

6 November [18 November]. Remained at Luneburg.

7 November [19 November]. Marched to Winsen, where I deployed grenadier and light companies. The 14th jager and ½ horse artillery company are at Stele, the 13th Jager and ½ horse artillery company are at Marschen, Pahlen is at Hiterelde, Beshentsov at Zindorf, Dolon at […], the Navaginsk regiment at Bardowick

8 November [20 November]. At Winsen. Jacobson, with two squadrons, raided Hirnsburg and captured 32 men. One battalion of the Navaginsk Regiment was moved to Hornsdorf.

9 November [21 November]. At Winsen. In the morning, alarm was sounded when the French attacked Cossack outposts in the forest, near our positions, but then immediately retreated….

[Notes abruptly end here]



[36] Lieutenant General Eberhard Ernst Gotthard Wegesak (1763-1818) commanded a division in the Army of North.

[37] Ludwig George Thedel Graf von Wallmoden-Gimborn, (1769 – 1862) served in the Austrian army until 1809, when following a campaign against Napoleon, he left Austria. After briefly staying in British service, he entered Russian service on 30 March 1813 and commanded cavalry detachments under Generals Dörenberg, Tettenborn and Chernishev in Northern Germany. He participated in the battle at Dennewitz (received the Order of St. George, 3rd class, 2 October 1813) and Gohrde. In late 1813, he successfully operated around Hamburg and Mecklenburg. He left Russian service on 29 June 1815 and returned to Austrian army.

[38] Sandels commanded the 2nd Division in the Army of North.

[39] Peter Tolstoy commanded a corps at Dresden.

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