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Mikhail Vorontsov

Diary of the 1813 Campaign: 

October 1813


1 October [13 October].   Marched via Eysleben to Werptzig near Köten, six miles

2 October [14 October]. At Werptzig

3 October [15 October]. Initially marched, to village of […], where we had lunch and met Wintzegorode, then advanced to Udenburg.

4 October [16 October]. Marched to village of Rinsdorf, near Landsberg. Wintzegorode moved with cavalry. The Main army and Blucher gave a battle [at Leipzig].

5 October [17 October].   Marched to the village of Lidental – Sacken engaged in a combat.

6 October [18 October]. Battle at Leipzig, we crossed the Partha River near […] and advanced directly to the town, with the right flank adjacent to Langeron and the left to Bennigsen. The artillery cannonade was appalling. [Ivan] Manteuffel  was killed by a cannon ball, Arlnoldi lost his leg. I spent the night two versts from the town.

7 October [19 October]. Battle. Captured Leipzig and I entered the town with the 14th Jager regiment. Victory is complete, with 30,000 prisoners of war, 200 guns, 20 generals (Lauriston, Regnier, Delmas and etc.) Poniatowski drowned. [We] saw our Sovereign [Emperor Alexander], Austrian Emperor, Prussian King and Saxon King in the town. Our Sovereign reviewed the troops. Night was spent at Aptnaunsdorf.

8 October [20 October]. Camped at Aptnaunsdorf, near Leipzig. I traveled to Leipzig and the Emperor awarded me with the sash of the Order of the Alexander of Neva.

9 October [21 October].  I  was initially  told that we are advancing, but it was a misinformation. I remained in Leipzig. Poncet arrived here.

10 October [22 October]. Marched to Merzeburg

11 October [23 October]. Marched to Helwitz

12 October [24 October]. Marched to Rinkleben

13 October [25 October]. Marched to Kinderbruk

14 October [26 October].  Marched to Talsbri. I visited faisanderie [pheasant farm] of Prince Sondershausen.

15 October [27 October]. Marched to Mulhausen. Here we received false news from Blucher and the Main Army that the enemy was defending Erfurt. We halted troops and Blucher dispatched Saint Priest to Kassel.

16 October [28 October]. Marched to Wanfrid

17 October [29 October]. Marched to Kassel. Poncet was mistaken.

18 October [30 October]. Marched to Kassel

19 October [31 October]. At Kassel. I visited Napoleonshoe.[35] Wintzegorode also arrived.

21 October [2 November]. Marched to Minden, I was dispatched with 6,000 men to the Crown Prince [Bernadotte], while Wintzegorode was ordered to advance through Pederborn to Bremen. Benckendorff took command of the advance guard.

22 October [3 November]. Marched to Hottingen. I met the prince.

23 October [4 November]. Marched to Ehte.

24 October [5 November]. Marched to Saltzgitter

25 October [6 November]. Marched to Braunsweig.

26 October [7 November]. At Braunsweig (Museum, palace, pepiermachč)

27 October [8 November]. Marched to Gifhorn

28 October [9 November]. Marched to Kloster Izenhasen, near Hankebitel.

29 October [10 November]. Marched to Ultzen 

30 October [11 November]. Marched to Luneburg

31 October [12 November].  At Luneburg.




[35] Residence of Landgrafs iof Hesse-Kassel, that was later turned into residence for Jerome Bonaparte

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