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"Napoleonic Pen and Sword"

"Napoleonic Pen and Sword" is an electronic publication of the Napoleonic Society of Georgia. Its goal is to translate memoirs of various participants of the Napoleonic Wars, providing scholars and researchers with a greater variety of points of views. The NSG members are regularly gathering, translating and editing memoirs, which will be made public in regular installments. 

Issue 1 (September 2004): Fedor Shubert. Diary of the 1813 Campaign.

Issue 2 (November 2004): Alexandre Benckendorf, "The Liberation of the Netherlands (November - December 1813)"

Issue 3 (December 2004): Mikhail Vorontsov, Diaries of the 1812-1813 Campaigns

Issue 4 (February 2005): "Russian Austerlitz": Russian battle reports on the Battle of Austerlitz

Issue 5 (May 2005): Alexey Yermolov, Excerpts from the memoirs on the 1812 Campaign"

Issue 6 (October 2005): Dmitri Osten-Sacken, Excerpts from the Chronicles of the Elisavetgrad Hussar Regiment

Issue 7: (September 2005): Paul Kolzakov, "The Capture of General Vandamme 18 August 1813" 

Issue 8: (September 2007): Fabian Osten-Sacken, Excerpts from the 1806 Diary

Issue 9 (November 2007): Constantine Voyensky, Recollections about the Last Officer of Napoleonís Army

Issue 10 (March 2009): Pavel Pushin, The Diary of the 1812 Campaign (Part 1)

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