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 The 2008 Literary Award of the 

International Napoleonic Society

The International Napoleonic Society promotes outstanding scholarship in the field of Napoleonic history. Many books on various Napoleonic topics are published each year, and publishers from around the world submit their best examples to compete for the Society's annual Literary Book Award. These books are carefully reviewed by our Literary Committee, which consists of some of the top scholars in the field. The committee, by secret ballot, selects the top two books to receive an award.

On 1 July 2009, the International Napoleonic Society announced that, as a result of the evaluations by the Literary Committee, composed of Alexander Grab, David Markham, Jeanne Ojala, Brian deToy and John Severn the following awards have been made:

First Prize of $1000 is awarded to Charles Esdaile for his volume Napoleon’s Wars:An International History, 1803-1815, published by Penguin Group ( UK).

Second Prize of $500 is awarded to Alexander Mikaberidze for his volume The Babble of Borodino: Napoleon Against Kutuzov, published by Pen and Sword Military.

 Each of these publications has met the rigorous criteria published by the Literary Committee; they represent a significant contribution to the study of the Napoleonic and Revolutionary period as exemplified by the quality of research, originality, style and analysis.

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