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1 July 2009

The 2008 INS Literary Award is awarded to a NSG member.

5 May 2009

Today we celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the NSG!

1 May 2009

The Napoleon Podcast just published third interview with NSH president Alexander Mikaberidze.

10 April 2009

The Napoleon Podcast just published second interview with NSH president Alexander Mikaberidze.

Welcome to Our Website!

The Napoleonic Society of Georgia celebrates its 10th Anniversary this year. It was established by a group of Napoleonic enthusiasts and historians on 5 May 1999 with a goal of promoting the study of the Revolutionary Era (1789-1815) in Georgia. Since its establishment, the Society had organized an international Napoleonic congress in Tbilisi in June 2000 and published two issues of the journal "Napoleon." 

The Age of the French Revolution and Napoleon is one of the turning points in the history of Western Civilization and its effects were felt throughout the world. At the NSG, we believe that besides  scholarly research of this epoch, it is necessary to provide information to a wider audience by other means as well and our journal and, now, website hopefully will serve this purpose well. 

The website has been just established and it will be regularly updated and developed. So please stop by periodically to check our new material.

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