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Third International Napoleonic Society Congress

Tbilisi, Georgia

12-18 June, 2000

The Napoleonic Society of Georgia and International Napoleonic Society held third International Congress at Tbilisi State University from June 12-18, 2000. Scholars from Georgia, Israel, and the United States gave a series of excellent papers that covered a variety of Napoleonic topics. This congress was also the first meeting of the Napoleonic Society of Georgia. 

As always, the papers dealt with several approaches to the study of Napoleonic history. Napoleon's image in literature was considered by Innes Merabishvili, who is President of the Byron Society of Georgia, as well as by Ivane Menteshashvili. Alexander Mikaberidze discussed the various factors that led to the rise of Napoleon, while Dimitry Tsiskarishvili presented a paper on Napoleon as a psychologist.

Military matters are always a primary topic at these congresses. Some papers were presented on Napoleon's successes such as Marengo (Mikheil Gachechiladze), Toulon (Amiran Nikuradze) and the Battle of Cacoon (Allon Klebanoff). The less successful 1812 campaign was discussed by David Markham and Jerry Gallaher, and Gega Khubashvili and Gabriel Shalibashvili discussed the campaign in the middle east.

All the papers were presented in English and Georgian with simultaneous translations available in both languages. One of the high points of the congress was the excellent, often passionate, discussion of issues raised by the papers. There were many people in the audience, including students from the university, and the knowledge and interest exhibited was truly outstanding. INS Executive Vice-President J. David Markham awarded Fellowships to Innes Merabishvili, Dimitry Tsisharishvili, Ivane Menteshashvili, Merab Kalandadze and Giogi Demetradze. All the new Fellows are professors at Tbilisi State University. Mr. Tsiskarishvili wrote the first biography of Napoleon in the Georgian language. Several students were given special awards for their outstanding paper presentations. Some of these awards were books provided by David Markham, who also contributed several books and journals to the University Library.

After the conclusion of the papers, the international participants were given a tour of important museums and other historical sites in Georgia, including a death mask of Napoleon and other Napoleonic artifacts at the Ethnological Museum of Zugdidi. They also had an opportunity to meet with Governor Mirza Korkashvili of the Tskaltubo Region, and Governor Teimuraz Shashiashvili of the Imereti Region.

The media took a great interest in this Congress. Articles appeared in three newspapers in Georgia, including the official newspaper of the government, one in Georgian and one in Russian. In addition, there were two television programs on the official channel that broadcast information about the Congress.

List of Papers Presented to the INS Congress in Tbilisi, Georgia

J. David Markham, Napoleon's Russian Campaign: A Legacy of Missed Opportunities and Fatal Errors

Dimitry Tsiskarishvilli, Napoleon as a Psychologist.

Innes Merabishvili, Byron, Prometheus and Napoleon.

Ivane Menteshashvili, Napoleon in Russian Poetry of the 19th Century.

Merab Kalandadze, Georgian Napoleoniada.

Alexander Mikaberidze, Napoleon's Benefactors.

Bakur Mgeliashvili, The Battle of Marengo.

Jerry Gallaher, Vandamme, Jerome, and the Invasion of Russia, 1812.

Gabriel Shalibashvili, Egyptian Campaign: Prelude to the Rise of Napoleon.

Allon Klebanoff, The Battle of Cacoon.

Irakli Shvelidze, Letters of the King of Imereti Solomon II to Emperor Napoleon I

Amiran Nikuradze, The Siege of Toulon.

Giorgi Gvimradze, The French Revolution and Napoleon.

Gega Khubashvili, Napoleon and Nelson.

Mikheil Gachechiladze, The Battle of Marengo

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