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The Napoleonic Society of Georgia is the first Georgian society dedicated to the study of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Era. It was established on 5 May 1999 to commemorate the 178th anniversary of the Napoleon’s death on St. Helena Island. The founders of the society were Alexander Mikaberidze, George Zabakhidze, Shalva Lazariashvili, Paata Buchukuri, Dimitri Khocholava, Gogi Demetradze, Mikhail Gachechiladze, Rezo Sadagashvili, Roin Gamkrelidze, Ramaz Pertaya, Tamaz Nadiradze, and Levan Mikaberidze.

Since the establishment, the Society achieved considerable success. It cooperates with a number of international societies and organizations, in particular: Fondation Napoleon (France), International Napoleonic Society (Canada/USA), Napoleon Series Project (USA), Centre d’Etudes Napoleoniennes (France), Institute on Napoleon and the French Revolution (USA), Israeli Society of Napoleonic Research (Israel), Center for Western Studies (Israel), “Project 1812” (Russia), Napoleonic Alliance (USA), Australian Napoleonic Society, The European Napoleonic Association 1789 - 1815 and many others. The NSG participates in international conferences and meetings. In 1999, a delegate of the NSG attended the 2nd International Napoleonic Congress in Israel and presented a paper on the Georgian Mamluks during Napoleon's invasion of Egypt. In June 2000, the NSG hosted the 3rd International Napoleonic Congress, organized together with the International Napoleonic Society and Tbilisi State University.

The Society has no political goals and does not embrace Bonapartism. Our goal is to unite scholars,  students and anyone interested in the Revolutionary Era for the purpose of sharing knowledge and research. To achieve this goal, the Society members are involved in translating various historic documents, memoirs and publication to make them available to a wider audience. Thus, these efforts produced first English-language translations of many Russian memoirs previously inaccessible in the West. The Society also published the journal "Napoleon" which included articles by Georgian and Western historians. 

Honorary Membership

Over the years the Society has awarded the Honorary Membership to prominent Georgian and Western scholars to recognize their contributions to the study of the Revolutionary Era: His Excellency Prince Charles Napoleon: Dr. Kote Antadze, Dr. Shota Badridze, Dr. Merab Vachnadze, Prof. Merab Kalandadze, Prof. Ilia Tabagua (Tbilisi State University) MD Dimitry Tsiskarishvili (author of the first complete biography of Napoleon in Georgian); Ben Weider and David Markham (International Napoleonic Society); Fernand Beaucour (Director of the Centre d’Etudes Napoleoniennes); Mordehai Gichon (President of the Israeli Society for Napoleonic Research); Dr. Donald D. Horward (Institute on Napoleon and the French Revolution); Allon Klebanoff (Center for Western Studies); John McErlean (York University, Canada); Mikhail Makarov and Oleg Polyakov, “Project 1812” (Russia); Dana Lombardy (Napoleon Magazine); Roman Baulesch (The European Napoleonic Association 1789 – 1815).

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